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tv   Headline News  RT  June 13, 2014 1:00pm-1:13pm EDT

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mission to teach me why you should care about. why you should care. for the breach. taking part. have crossed into russian territory. to make a formal complaint. behind on payments ukraine enough to pay for russian gas if it fails to settle at least part of his debt by monday negotiations collapse over kim's insistence that the be full term. ultimately it's up to the iraqis as a sovereign nation to solve their problems president obama puts the responsibility for a story in the territory country on the baghdad government. on the capital using war machines left behind by u.s. troops.
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hello i'm kevin zero in the international just past nine pm here in moscow now and breaking news to start this hour as i've just mentioned to you craney an armored vehicles have crossed the border into russia causing a stir both on the ground out in diplomatic circles. as the latest from southern russia. according to. ukrainian armored personnel carriers crossed the border with russia here in the rostov on don regional friday first it was just one of the that penetrated the front seat before getting stuck without power here in russia once it was discovered by russian border guards who were right there to arrest the perpetrators another at the sea crossed the line and pointed its weapon on the russians and they begged them to retrieve their. the soldiers well the men
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have been retrieved but not the machinery the koreans desperately try to salvage the b.c. back so ukraine but the russian border guards never let that happen that much of this is coming on the back of the of the way if there was a rush of any trade in ukraine's borders earlier president vladimir putin had already instructed the russian foreign ministry to send and also protest to the ukrainian authorities so let's wait and see how this one actually plays out. no developments the eastern ukrainian city of mariupol woke up to sounds of battle as kiev as forces stormed the positions of the anti-government fighters there. but raged on the streets for about four hours in fact the city was assaulted by a national guard to tally informed by the leader of ukraine's radical party the politician says at least five antigovernment activists were killed and thirty captured he claims the rest of now been driven away from the headquarters of the city's under the national guard control we spoke to a local resident who didn't think you know if you are going to do about half past
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four in the morning we heard a loud noise coming from the cities and that's where the us people's republic had their head want us into buildings in the city center shooting and explosions would be heard it lasted until about seven am and then grew quieter it was. well she's also demanding an investigation of the craning army's alleged use of prohibited weapons in the east of the country this is what the night sky there looked like a few nights ago when according to locals in century bombs were dropped on them care of denies the use of such munitions which are banned by the new and british army an intelligence officer charles shewbread shoes recently returned from ukraine told me he thinks the attack bears signs of white phosphorus weapons. i've seen the video of looked at it closely it does indeed tallow is what one might say are the hallmarks of white phosphorous use for example a very bright light burning and multiple burns coming down from the sky it's an air
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conditioned years such as a mortar attack from an aircraft and then of course again to tell it's still early . in the day time showing actually this very territorial rights a great smoke so white phosphorus being used it's an alarming development of course it needn't necessarily be legal but it depends on the use a chicken said and that's exactly why of course and indeed other people even from the west should be even if they haven't so far should be calling for a pop in for an investigation of this incident to prevent a escalating or generally the humanitarian situation in east ukraine increasingly desperate thousands of people have fled to russia from the bombings an artillery attacks scott talk to some of those who vote routed their families to try to escape the violence. well what you can see a few yards behind me is the russia ukraine border and for many people fleeing the restive aist of ukraine this is their first port of call it's
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a makeshift temporary holding center now the vast majority of people who are crossing the border have somewhere to go they can stay with friends or family within russia however many simply have nowhere to go no one to turn to and they're completely dependent on the rest of story in the last twenty four hours more than six hundred people have crossed the border seeking shelter the majority of them are women and children who are trying to escape uncertainty of life in eastern ukraine and it's clear speaking to a number of them that it's an emotional time that it was. almost every night we heard shootings explosions multiple rocket launchers. was. going. on my children are with me but my mother and grandmother stayed there people are hiding you basements and don't seem to realize this will never and the houses are bombed we don't have anything anymore. but this guard says that it's scary that the
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government and the ukrainian media are lying about things they say they're organizing humanitarian corridors that there is no sign of that they don't let people leave and keep them. well the authorities here in the rostov region are being helped by donations from people all over russia on thursday forty tons of supplies including food water medicine arrived but with an average of four hundred people crossing the border every day and seeking assistance it's clear that in the coming weeks more and more aid is going to be needed. the rest of region for more of the developing crisis needs to talk to patrick basham is director of the washington based democracy institute sir thanks for being on the line nice to see you tonight was this latest incident about a deliberate provocation or do you think they simply got lost. well we have to hope it's an accident that they got lost or couldn't read the map or something along those lines i think it would be incredibly short sighted on the part of the
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ukrainian government to have done this sort of and to do any others intentionally that would not be helpful to their own interests let alone the interests of the wider region but i think it's a reminder that one of the fundamental problems we're facing literally today is the inability of so many both on the ground in what is and what was ukraine and heard in the west to calm down and to appreciate that what has happened has happened whether one likes it or not approves of it or disapproves of it and to look forward so that everyone's interests are best served i think in that way. but aside i'm sure gets more answers to this and more reaction maybe from the ukrainian side on the russian side about what they think went on here over the coming hours and days but there is focusing now on the the allegations that maybe white phosphorus weapons were used in the east in surveillance a couple of nights ago it only seems to be at the moment russia condemning this if
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it had happened and calling for an investigation why is it only russia why is it a lone voice. or a couple of reasons i mean what first and most obviously iraq russia is a sort of pariah nation in the region or at least is. put out promoted as that by most western nations and obviously of ukrainian government itself. and the alliance the rhetorical alliance that is positioned itself it's formed itself against russia in the in the case of ukraine is one that although it is not willing to do in a tangible sense in a material sense necessarily punish russia for her alleged transgressions that alliance is not particularly interested in russia's side of the argument being heard whether it's the larger bigger picture argument or more specific issues and topics such as alleged use of you know these kinds of materials in in
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a military context what if they're so concerned about the people in the west people the rest of europe if they're so concerned about the citizens of the ukraine you would think ukraine would be as a whole that new thinking of it why don't they want to know what's happening or potentially our citizens in the east what is potentially been raining down on their heads this is a humanitarian side of it no matter what russia is going to say. well that's a very good point i think we have a divide here or a discrepancy between you know the average person the ordinary person in the west who is interested in what's happening to two russians ukrainians a humanitarian level and then you have the politicians who have made a decision they made a decision some weeks months ago that russia was wearing the black hat in this fight russia was bad and evil the ukrainian protestors were wearing the white hats and their political leaders are the good guys they're on that they're on the side
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of the angels and consequently everything that has happened since has been presented to the western media and to western publics through that prism and therefore if russia. can be portrayed in a bad way then that will happen but if you crane it and its government and its forces if the opportunity portray them in a bad light then the effort will be made to not let that come to light why are simply contrary to the narrative while many people seeing through this this what you are saying they're reasonably it sounds like a reasonable argument at least i'm sure a lot of people could see that is it purely down to the media etc i want to time back in you mentioned just now that there seems to be an action on the ukrainian side to try and calm this down it's up to the ukrainian side to do it why is it not happening poroshenko is said that he is promising an end to hostilities maybe by sunday is it going to happen. i'm not i'm very
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pessimistic that it will i mean i think it's in his interest and is country's interest to calm things down but i i think he feels as often a politician does when the newly elected that they rush in a crisis situation that they must be seen to do something and action in political terms is usually seen as a better thing than inaction although in a case like this in this particular context inaction is probably the better choice and i think in terms of it in the first part part of your question i think there are many people in the west including in america ordinary people who have no appetite for america and other europe and european nations getting involved more directly in this conflict they are tired of war they are tired of of this kind of international dispute the one kaviak to that and this is why i think the media i've been as effective as they have in the west is that russia is still seen
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particularly in america as something of a bogey amount of a cold war hangover now whether that is you know the fault of american media whether that's the fault of president putin over recent years that's for discussion obviously for another time but i think the combination of that caricature of russia . in addition balanced self against competing with a fatigue a war fatigue means that there are people in america and in the west who are listening to both sides or at least are attempting to listen to both sides but it's hard to hear from both sides all right patrick thank you for your thoughts a pleasure to have you on the program patrick basham the director of the washington based democracy institute thanks. other news president obama has outlined the course of action the u.s. could take in helping iraq is it drowns in a wave of violence just so how disappointing alarmingly close to the capital baghdad have been captured to.


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